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My health story

How to recognize something is wrong with your health

I started to care about my health when I was sick at least 4 times a year. I had a flu, a lot of cold. I had problems with my skin – the acne, psoriasis. I felt sick I could not do stuff I was not fit. I could not live a normal life. When I went to the doctor, he usually did not even look at me and just start to write some prescription for some pills.

So I did my own research. While I was studying at college I escaped to the world of internet. It led me to the raw food diet. I fully resonated with the stories of people, who use to be sick and nothing was helping them. I like the videos with happy, healthy people eating just not cooked – living food – vegetables and fruits. I was wondering: is our health based on what we eat?

I have changed my diet and my health improved

That is why since 2014 I decided to eliminate meat from my diet. Aproximately 70% of my diet consisted of fruits and vegetables. When I went to visit my parents for the weekend it was difficult. My family said that it is just a phase and that I will find out that living without meat is not possible. I was still eating sugar, gluten, diary but in very limited amount. Since then I felt amazing. I was not sick the whole year. My health improved. I could focus on my life. My acne and psoriasis went first worse but then better. My body was cleaning itself and I felt lighter every day. 

health salad

As it happens the life does not gives us anything too easy. In my way came an obstacle in the form of my boyfriend, who eats anything else but fruits and vegetables. He is quite healthy so nothing is forcing him to change his diet. He mostly enjoys hamburgers, chicken wings with fries, all possible deserts and so on. He and his family has the opinion that what tastes good must be good. It is a big challenge for me.

The issue of solving my health problem gives me a lot of lessons. In this case the question of good health forces me to defend myself. Saying my opinion was not always my strong side.

Setting the goals is half of the success

Right now I am far from eating fully raw diet but it is my goal. My body is not yet healed and it gives me confusing signals. I am craving very unhealthy and processed food with oil and sugar. I choose to eat mostly vegetables but I have problems with fruits. I try to eat mostly whole food.

My journey hat just began and it goes slow – I wish I would be like those people who decided one day to eat healthy, had some detoxification but since then they feel amazing. I wish I would have some mentor who have already been through this and gave me the psychical support which I need the most. The most important thing is to not be hard on yourself and let yourself to do some mistakes.

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